Maui Weddings Vendor Behind Scenes { Teresa Sena Floral designer }

Teresa Sena Maui floral designer by Angie Diaz Photography

I'm beyond thrilled to share with you the absolutely beautiful and kind heart that Teresa Sena is. She warmly opened up the doors of her cozy ohana to show me a little peek of what inspires her and makes her one of the most talented floral artists in Maui.  Without a doubt I was at first a little intimidated of being in front of such an elegant and gentle fine artist of such experience, but she was so down earth and lovely, we soon realized we had many things in common.

Teresa happened to be picking up local flowers for a friend's wedding from a biodynamic farm and we thought what a fun way to start our behind the scenes adventure together.  After that we headed to her ohana where she has her studio and I was immediately taken by all the precious little elements that made her house my inspiration for the day. The vintage dishwater, the paintings, the striking captivating decor, and of course her smile.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. What brought you to Hawaii?  I came as a Marine Biology student from Washington state.  We studied on the reef off of Olowalu and lived in the camp there for 3 months.  I knew it was the place I wanted to live.

What inspired you to become a floral artist?   I had a background in art and hair dressing.  I was asked if I “thought I could arrange flowers”.  I said Yes…and so it began.  My first job was a 5 star hotel on Maui…and the rest is history!

What do you love about the islands? After 36 years, I still marvel at the beauty on a daily basis.  I love the culture, I love the many micro climates, I love the feeling of community.  So many of us have come from other places on the planet and have converged here…making for an amazing diversity of people. 

What is the best part of your job?  The people I work with.  This industry has such warm, talented, driven people.

Any touching moments that stand out?  Always if the father walks down the aisle with their daughter.  Having been very close to my own father,, this is always a touching moment.

What is your biggest advice for people who wish to pursue their dream and career? My advice would be to work in the industry you think you are interested in for a while first.  Then…when you feel that you lose track of time while you are working…pursue it.