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DIY Tutorial {How to Make a Hawaii-Inspired Floral Crown}

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In addition to photography, I also love sewing, playing with flowers, and all sorts of crafting that allows me to get creative. Today, I wanted to post something a little different, combining my love of nature with some photo fun, to show my way of making a floral crown.

I haven't had any floral training. I've just always been inspired by the beauty of flowers. Floral crowns, or head leis known as haku leis in Hawaii, can add such a special touch to photos, especially in Hawaii! (You can see what I mean here, here, and here.)


  • Floral wire
  • Clippers
  • Assorted greenery and flowers - For this floral crown we used 2 different types of ferns, some uluhe fern curls, white astilbe, orange mokara orchids, eryngium thistle, hypericum berries, scabiosa pods, and a few shells that were hot glued to wire.
  • Floral tape (Optional - I actually didn't end up using any for this crown and prefer not to use floral tape as I think it can show, but use it if you think you want a little more security.)


1.  Measure the wire around your head where you want the floral crown to sit. Form the wire into a circular shape and clip the excess. You can wrap the wire with floral tape if you want.

2.  Weave ferns around the wire to create the base of your crown. Use floral tape to secure ends if necessary. 

3.  Arrange your flowers and greenery one by one where you want them, using the wire or tape to secure. I used wire and did not bother clipping the wire until I got to the very end.

4.  When I was done with all the flowers, I added the seashells.

Don't be afraid to be creative! Layer flowers for a fuller look or pile flowers all on side for an asymmetrical statement... there really is no right or wrong way as long as you're happy with it.