Kayla + Evan { Rustic Rainy Backyard Maui Wedding in tropical Haiku}

Rainy Haiku maui wedding

It was truly sweet to get to capture this lovely couple in their next chapter in life after  doing an engagement session a year earlier, it helped make them more comfortable with me before their big day (You can see it here) Because nobody anticipated the storm we were about to have in this rainy day!. Kayla and Evan planned a traditional church ceremony followed by a lovely laid back morning reception in her parent's backyard. The Haiku area of Maui is known for being wet, but we were especially concerned about the weather with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Darby approaching. Kayla and Evan decided to go ahead despite the heavy rain and mud, the ' for better or for worse ' part of the wedding vows were absolutely put to the challenge XD. They were incredibly calm, and I was really impressed with how Kayla took everything in stride and remained a happy bride. It inspired me to work even harder to give them the very best pictures. I got soaking wet and muddy. The conditions also created constant condensation in my lenses. However, in the end, it was all worth it!

The wedding was so epic, it was on the front page of our local newspaper The Maui News the next morning.