Jenna + Riley { Beautiful Upcountry Maui Engagement session}

The more time I spend my days in this island that I call home, the more I come to realize I must have definitely be daydreaming, every single part of this land  is just so beautiful it takes your breath away, in this majestic upcountry setting of Maui is where Jenna & Riley chose for me to capture their story, they didn't to fly to Maui for some new fresh inspiration to be the backdrop of their engagement session. Even greater was my surprise when I got to meet them and spend time talking like we were long time friends. They were such kind and down to earth people and just star talking of all the wonders of living in Hawaii. I was so excited i got to meet this amazing people before shooting their wedding in Oahu where they live.

Even though they chose the mountain and fields for their pictures once they drop me back where I parked my car and said our goodbyes, I couldn't help to notice this big Hawaiian mural and really wanted to hit the click button with them in the middle, I was doubting myself if i should walk back to their car and ask them for one more picture!, silly me I always go for one more shoot!. Once i Send them their gallery Jenna wrote me back that it was such a blessing to get those shoots with the mural, and confess it's being a long time hobby for Riley to take pictures of them and became very fond of the photograph. I'm so glad I listen to my heart!