Shpresa + Pascal { Epic Adventurous Oahu Destination Wedding at Waimanalo Beach and Halona Cove}

Its always so inspiring for me to meet a couple who are very in love with my work as crazy in love with each other. Since the very first email, Pascal told me they wanted to book me without hesitation for their destination wedding  that they were planning all the way from Switzerland, I was just so over the moon, it was 'The perfect match'!.  Since the first moment it was amazing when I arrived at their hotel, they graciously gave me total control of the artistic side of the epic love affair, they made my job so easy because these two little birds were just so sweet to capture. 

Since we left the hotel we were a little nervous about having to play hide and seek with the coming rain but we just went ahead and stick to our epic plan, and always leave every single place just in time before start raining. First, we went to the amazing Halona Cove beach Park. Shpresa and Pascal are such an adventurous couple! They love to hike, so the portraits are a representation of their lifestyle and they were so beyond cute!

Next we left for Waimanalo Beach, where there was a beautiful set up waiting for their intimate ceremony, surrounded by loving friends who had flown from Switzerland. They were so awesome and sweet. We are now friends, and that is the cherry on top.