Karen + Kenny {Magically Intimate Upcountry Maui Wedding}

Karen and Kenny and very dear friends of mine, so this wedding is close to my heart. Since the moment we met and Karen saw my work, she told me the day she gets married, she wanted me to capture her happy ending. A couple of years passed by, and now they are about to leave for Portland after a long life here on Maui. They wanted to get hitched to have this lasting memory to treasure forever, so they called me and my heart was so full of joy for these two!  

An amazing backyard wedding celebration was planned, and before the ceremony, we stopped by some meaningful places for them. Karen’s dad worked for many decades in the sugar company so she definitely wanted to have that as part of her pictures to honor her dad. Kenny and Karen often take walks on the beach with their beloved dog Seven, who is such a charm, so the beach had to be included also. 

They say less is more, and it overwhelmed my heart how minimal yet so beautiful this ceremony was, they made each lei to perfection with natural elements from their ohana and it was just the perfect touch of magic for upcountry Maui. Kenny built the bench for their family to sit and be surrounded by the mystic mist and fog and the gorgeous view. I am so happy for them and couldn’t believe how precious the moment was for the intimate celebration.