Yuyeon + Jeff { Modern Honolulu Chic Hotel Room Elopement }

Yuyeon and Jeff were a fabulous couple to photograph! The pair was so humble and kind to me on their special day, it was a joy to spend time with them. Everyone at the elopement was so enthusiastic, it made me feel giddy to be documenting it! I was inspired by their unique venue and the way they were able to turn a hotel room into a lively and beach-themed wedding wonderland! They told me that at first they were doubtful that they could create a welcoming venue from a hotel room, but they sure succeeded! 

The elopement was very intimate, and only their closest friends and family came. Jeff said that this made it more comfortable for such a tender moment, and made the bond feel more meaningful. Yuyeon's son made the festivities a bit more extra cute with his ukulele charm.