Feminine + Floral Maui Maternity Baby Moon at Kula Botanical Garden

I can’t even begin to tell you what a joy it was to work with Jeannie! She was truly so sweet in every way and her husband was also very noble and kind. Once again, I was blessed with the most amazing clients as they traveled to Maui for their baby moon. 

Jeannie is a super talented makeup artist in LA, so of course, her makeup was exquisite and she is wonderfully creative. Since she adored the idea of doing something feminine, we went to Kula Botanical Garden, where they could be surrounded by gorgeous flowers! Jeannie custom created her dress with a friend and asked me to craft the playful crown of pink peonies for her. I wish we lived closer so we could work together again, but I am grateful I got to spend this special time with this lovely growing family.