Gabrielle + Stephen { Adventurous Boho Glam Romantic Hana Elopement , Maui Wedding Photography}

For an adventurous couple who truly wants to be different and have their wedding feel like a private moment in time, Hana would make the most epic Maui elopement location. There are so many gems to choose from here, but an amazing option is Kaihalulu Beach or more commonly called Red Sand Beach. The crescent-shaped beach is tucked at the base of the Kaโ€™uiki Head cinder cone and sheltered on the ocean side by a wall of black lava rock. The rocky landscape is dotted with greenery, making a striking contrast to the sparkling blue ocean, and creating a canvas yearning for the tenderness of human bodies enamored with each other. 

Although the natural scenery was stunning, Gabrielle and Stephen outshined it all. Of course, the camera loves them since they are both insanely good looking separately and even more so as a couple. They also had such charming and fun personalities. I didnโ€™t have to work hard to pull them out of their shells.

Details were kept simple but still exuded an effortless boho chic glamour. Gabrielle looked like a modern Greek goddess in her pink gown with her long locks cascading in beachy waves. The flowing bouquet and simple hair orchid completed the look as the perfect accessories. Stephen kept a cool vibe in his short sleeve shirt and shorts, and they both wore sturdy but stylish footwear for the hike.

While many visitors make Hana a day trip, the area is certainly worth exploring. A couple could stay a good chunk of time in Hana or even their whole vacation if they wanted to. Travaasa Hana is a resort rooted in Hawaiian tradition. Vacation rentals, treehouses, and camping are other possibilities to come back to once you are done adventuring for the day.

There are so many off-the-beaten path places on Maui that would be amazing wedding locations for the right couple who are willing to take the journey, and I would jump at the opportunity to be there as your wedding photographer.

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