Lost in a bamboo forest. { Sydney & Kevin engagement session}

Sydney And Kevin are quite the adventurous pair. Since they were getting married in the beach she wanted the wild side of Maui jungle for a change for the engagement session, so we headed for the north Shore, and to Haiku we went. When we first meet at twin falls it was pouring rain and very muddy. Cute Sydney had a shine in her eyes that could not obviously go away she was so exited but I must confess neither she or me weren't sure about going on with the session, because of the non-stoping rain, but then Kevin came in!!, (from parking the car..heheh) and he said let's do it!, so we looked at each other and will not get intimidated for a guy and we said yes!. It's all we needed and the we headed for the perfect spot. I heard so much about the bamboo forest so I took a chance and go to an unknown are, I like jumping into the unknown and do spontaneous adventures ;)  to our amazed we found it!, and boy just looks at the beautiful moments I was able to captured. This two birds have some passion for each other, holding hands jumping into mud paddles, like a taste of Hana. It's was a well paid adventure. Wild romance.